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I´m originally from the Dominican Republic, where I completed my studies in Accounting and Business Administration at Centro Tecnologico Universal (CENTU). I moved to the U.S. in 1995 and graduated with a Business Operations certification from Florida Computer & Business College in 1998. I have over twenty years of extensive accounting experience and expertise, and was recently ranked as one of the top 24 Accounting Consulting Services in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area by Google. I have worked as an independent contractor with several medium to large companies between Chicago, Dallas, and the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.

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Lack of clarity in the financial statements: you may feel confused if the financial statements you receive are unclear or poorly organized.
Failure to meet deadlines: if the accountant does not meet the agreed deadlines for the delivery of financial reports, it may affect business and financial decisions.
Accounting errors: If accounting errors are made, this can lead to financial problems, including fines and legal violations.
Failure to keep up to date on changes in regulations: if the financial accountant does not keep you updated on changes in financial regulations and laws, it can have an impact on your business operations.
You need to adjust Quickbooks to your company's needs.

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